Court Coronavirus Information

COVID-19 Emergency Orders 

The Supreme Court of Texas and Court of Criminal Appeals, working with the Office of Court Administration are committed to ensure that justice continues to be served to all Texans in the current pandemic situation.

Current Emergency Orders Issued

In response to COVID-19, the Supreme Court has issued the following Emergency Orders that are still in effect.

Emergency Order 16 - Issued 05/14/2020

Permits the resumption of proceedings in consumer debt cases but requires certain actions related to the stimulus funds that might be subject to a consumer debt action.

Emergency Order 19 - Issued 07/03/2020

Cancels the July bar exam, leaves in place the September 9-10 bar exam subject to guidance from public health authorities, and approves an online bar exam on October 5-6.

Emergency Order 20 - Issued 07/21/2020

Amends paragraph 3 and extends Emergency Order 15 through August 24, 2020 for eviction cases.

Emergency Order 21 - Issued 07/31/2020

Extends statute of limitations for deadlines that fall between March 13 and September 1 to September 15.

Emergency Order 22 - Issued 08/06/2020

Extends and amends the 18th Emergency Order, prohibits jury proceedings until October 1 but authorizes limited number of jury proceedings under certain conditions.